Book profiles work being influenced by:

machine learning
autonomous vehicles
process bots
3D printing
digital media
many other technologies

Table of Contents


Prologue: The Allure of Machines

Section I: Machines as Colleagues

Chapter 1: Welcome to “Silicon Collar Valley”
Chapter 2 In Less Idyllic Settings
Chapter 3: The Female of the Species
Chapter 4 The Internet of Humble Jobs
Chapter 5: May You Live in Interesting Times

Section II: Machines as Overlords?

Chapter 6: The Sum of All Fears
Chapter 7: Evolution, Not Revolution
Chapter 8: Circuit Breakers to Overautomation
Chapter 9: Gradually, then Suddenly?

Section III: Guiltless Automation

Chapter 10: Don’t Blame Machines for This!
Chapter 11: Thriving in the Silicon Collar Economy: Policy Perspectives

Epilogue: The Allure of the Human Touch

Vinnie Mirchandani has produced a thought provoking book on the impact of machines in the modern world. He poses important questions but doesn't always leave us with answers. Even so, this is an important addition to the discourse on 21st century technology impacts.

Dennis Howlett